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3 Days of the Freeman – Part 3

DAY TWO Saturday the 3rd of January Day 2 presented a new set of challenges. We would for the first time have practical effects during action sequences, running, shooting, and the first test for the HEV suit. Even at the end of the first day the wear and tear was significant. Nothing our awesome costume person couldn’t handle…

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3 Days of The Freeman – Part 2

DAY ONE Friday the 2nd of January I woke at 5 am on the first day. We had decided to go with a slightly later call time of 7am. It was literally freezing in LA. In all the years I spent there I never saw ice. First day of shooting, windows iced up. Myself, Bernhard…

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3 Days of The Freeman – Part 1

Directors Diary So I am going to try to give an account of the production as best as memory serves. I will try to avoid spoilers as much as possible. Here goes… The days before The days before were filled with calamity, but that seems to be how it always is with films that are…

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