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3 Days of The Freeman – Part 1

Directors Diary So I am going to try to give an account of the production as best as memory serves. I will try to avoid spoilers as much as possible. Here goes… The days before The days before were filled with calamity, but that seems to be how it always is with films that are…

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Suit Electronics

Here is the start of the suit flashlight electronics and the 3D model of the front panel.  It’s being 3D printed still!   In other news we locked in a very talented Director/Cinematographer to help out during production. Very happy indeed to be working with such talented people.

Sh!# just got real!

Pre Production I have settled on a final location and the producer has just gotta work out the details.  Hopefully that process is complete.  We are only a few weeks away from the production and there is still a great deal to do. wCGI was worked on over the past couple of weeks. Some new help…

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5 Things I Hate About The Freeman Chronicles

Making a foam HEV suit Making a foam HEV suit again Making a foam HEV suit on Saturday Making a foam HEV suit on Sunday Making a foam HEV suit in my dreams\   All kidding aside here’s this weeks update. HEV Suit I finally pulled out the needle and thread.  Being that Bernhard (Freeman)…

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More of the same… sort of.

Pre production continues. Production or modification of the HEV suit is going slower than hoped.  The undersuit is really pissing me off. The effect I am trying to achieve with the ribbing is proving to be difficult to create without the tools of a seamstress. I am going to try cannibalizing some existing garments and…

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