Half-Life short filmmakers join forces on ‘The Freeman Chronicles’!

Filmmakers responsible for best-regarded Half-Life short films join forces on ‘The Freeman Chronicles’!

The exciting news about a realistic Half-Life web series by Chariotdrive (the filmmakers responsible for ‘Enter the Freeman’), just got even more exciting: the producers are now joining forces with Infectious Designer, who created highly popular Half-Life short films on the web himself (such as ‘Beyond Black Mesa’ and ‘Half-Life: Origins’).

Both filmmaker teams have expressed their respect and admiration for the others’ work, and one can only imagine what the result of a team effort between them would look like: highly dramatic and suspenseful, action-packed and story-driven, with a production value that seeks its equal. And in the midst of it a badass real-life Gordon Freeman that has nothing less on his agenda than saving the world from Xen madness!

Fans – don’t miss out on this! Consider joining this awesome web series, and you can say you were part of making it happen!



Posted on February 18, 2013 in Crowdfunding

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