Location scouting for “The Freeman Chronicles” Teaser

So in an effort to crowd fund more episodes of The Freeman Chronicles we have decided to shoot a teaser of sorts.  We will shoot some action scenes from the four episodes that we have planned and reveal some of the crazy things we are planning to do.

We wanted a warehouse location so began scouring Los Angeles for some cool, cheap or free facilities.  We think we have found it and we plan shoot the teaser in 5 days time at a location close to downtown LA.

We have put together what we think is a very reasonable budget that is scalable depending on what funding we can manage.  For example if we could afford to, we would obviously want to create new monsters for Gordon to battle it out with.  In the case of the pilot, “Enter the Freeman” we were able to borrow the head crab for the legendary FX guru Steve Wang. Should we want someone like to Steve to actually create a new monster for the film we are talking big time dollars.  Genius really does cost a packet and you can only usually get people to do it as a favor once.  I’m on my fifth or sixth with some people I work with so no more getting people to work for free.




Posted on November 25, 2012 in Pre-production

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