Pre Production & HEV Suit

What’s been worked on this week

The suit, location scouting, script updates, VFX breakdowns and more 3D modelling.  A couple of suit pieces were 3D modeled and then sent to a 3D printer online. This is a first test and if it turns out we maybe able to do a number of things like this.  Still have to be painted of course.

Speaking of painting, I finished some of the first coats on the HEV bracer today.  More touch up painting to do but getting more in line with the Half-Life HEV suit.

The suit needs major upgrades in the maneuverability and survivability areas.
I am reworking every piece of the suit from the first film. While I am waiting on some parts for the undersuit, I am updating other parts.

During the first film Bernhard didn’t do a great deal of activity. Just the zombie smashing.  In the second episode he’s also running, jumping, falling, etc.  I only have enough budget for one suit but if we screw it up on set we could be SOL. During the zombie smashing in the first episode he tore the hell out of it and smashed the only pair of glasses we had.  I was super gluing them back together on set.

Bernhard had two wranglers in the first episode

The suit needs major upgrades in the maneuverability and survivability areas.  So am going to attempt to produce a few extra pieces and seriously rework the undersuit and how it connects to the oversuit.  He also has to be able to take it on and off a little easier.  During the filming he will have to have a person constantly wrangling the suit when the camera is not rolling.  Making sure its all lined up, any touchups to paint, hair and makeup.

sentry2Rodrigo and Zeke have been at work on the 3D stuff.  Rodrigo has been breaking down all VFX, reworking the headcrab 3D model and building some parts of the suit for 3D printing. Zeke has been working on the turret that will be featured early in the story. At this point I am still not sure if we will need to construct one practically, I am hoping to cheat it with a nice cut away however we might also consider a green cylinder that we replace later.  Building one for real is costly and time consuming and I have enough to do.

sentry1Locations in both Los Angeles and San Francisco were scouted.  Our shoot schedule has us running into the possibility of rain during the filming.  We will be prepared for that but likely have to shoot rain or shine. I will post more updates on locations as they come up.  Location scouting is still by far the most important thing we are doing.  Each day of shooting is very expensive, even with all the free help some general crew positions will still have to be paid.  The better the location, the more can be shot and the cheaper it gets.

Ok well that’s about it for this week.



Stuff used and or purchased during this week.

Dremel | Airbrush Compressor | Barge Cement Thinner | Barge All Purpose Cement | Dual Action Airbrush | Zap-A-Gap | Wetsuit | Carbon Fiber Pattern Thermoform Sheet | Black Self Etching Primer | Heat Gun | Montana Gold Acrylic Terra

Here’s the WIP of the model and texture map for the HEV charger. Rodrigo created the 3D model and then we both worked on a basic texture in photoshop.




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