Sh!# just got real!

Pre Production

I have settled on a final location and the producer has just gotta work out the details.  Hopefully that process is complete.  We are only a few weeks away from the production and there is still a great deal to do.

hev_finalwCGI was worked on over the past couple of weeks. Some new help from Enrique who is polishing some models that were already created and creating a few of his own.

The script has been reworked and made considerably better.  Bernhard spent a great deal of time adding new awesome stuff, removing average stuff and generally polishing it up.  Tis now in a place where I think we have something really special to shoot.  Along with that Mike has been painstakingly breaking down the new version so that we can finalize all the items that make the film happen.

IMG_20141128_141001So things are progressing nicely with the suit.  Out of desperation  I borrowed a sewing machine and started making the undersuit.  Yes that is me using a sewing machine. Turns out to be not that difficult.  I bought a girl sized coat and got busy sewing some additinal ribs which is stuffed with the polyester. Seems to be working, just gotta finish it.

The Suit

I had a bit of a set back with the boots. I didn’t think they would need to be plastidipped and after a 5 minute walking test the paint was no more. Anyway that led to better stuff and a scene in the film where Freeman demonstrates the power of the HEV suit.

I have been working on every piece and adding details as I will be having my one fitting with Bernhard in a week or so.


It’s coming along.  Better? Maybe not yet. Inspired by Half-Life, You bet your ass. With the 3D printed logo, the electronics in the midriff, the undersuit to finish and then the aging, weathering, battle scars, etc, I think it will be an improvement for sure.

I am around about 80 hours of work on the suit redux.  Putting the original one together took me quite a bit longer.  I would say with time and materials, if I had paid myself a modest hourly rate I would we charging a buyer around $25,000 for it so far.  If someone offered me $25,000 to make another one, I would say no. (I would say no to $50k as well.) Several people have offered to pay for them. I have said no each time.  I will give it to one lucky person after we finish the film, as promised.


And now for something that literally has me doing a little dance.

Yep thats a Vortigaunt puppet. Or it will be soon.  You wanted a Vortigaunt and you will be getting one.  Not something half ass.   This will be incredible when it’s finished.

Relish the moment.

Short update but lots of cool stuff going on behind the scenes guys.

I think I will start posting shorter updates more frequently as some of there posts are taking a lot of time away from the film.




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