Win the Half-Life Head Crab Mask


Want to win the Headcrab Mask and Claws?
Good for Halloween, scaring family, friends and neighbors plus other general mayhem.

To get it simply do the following 3 things:
(Make your post public. If I can’t see it, I will pick the next name out of the hat)

  1. Share it on Facebook and Like our Page OR Tweet it and Follow us on Twitter OR Share it on Google+ and +1 our Page
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  3. Fill out the form below to submit your entry.

By submitting this form you agree to the terms below (after gallery).

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Terms: The Head Crab mask be given away as is. I cannot size it for you but it fits even the largest heads.  We will even pay for shipping and shipping insurance.

We will announce the winner after we wrap the shoot in a couple of months. Also I will be checking where you shared the link so if its not visible I will pick another name from the hat. 🙂

Also once its shipped we take no responsibility for anything related to its use.  Once you receive it, you own it.  For example if you run around wearing it and hurt yourself, or fall off a bridge, its not our problem.  If you scare someone to death, once again, not our problem.  Anything you do with it, use it for, decide to do, think about doing, NOT OUR PROBLEM.

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